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1980s kid with a green hat and yellow framed sunglasses

I didn't learn I was living my life with Autism and ADHD until I was in my 40s. For me, that meant I didn't fully understand who I was or why I couldn't "just be normal" like other people until a lot of damage was done. I struggled in college and it wasn't because I didn't have grit, determination, or anything else people assumed - it was because I didn't understand how my brain worked or why I would get so anxious sometimes (I didn't know then it was sensory overload).


Moreover, I had difficulty grasping vocal nuances like tone and inflection. This made it challenging for me to communicate effectively, often leading to misunderstandings. I faced dismissive attitudes and ridicule because like many neurodivergent individuals, I was misunderstood because society expects everyone to communicate in a neurotypical manner.


As I progressed through my career and gained more experience understanding the neurotypical world, I realized that most organizations lack the necessary skills/resources to effectively serve underrepresented groups, including neurodivergent people like me. I was one of the few fortunate "others" to eventually find supportive managers, but an occasional good manager isn't good enough.


We need to do better.


If you're ready to discuss how we can work together to create, promote, and train people in equitable, inclusive practices where all individuals can thrive in their careers, schedule a call with me.

sets the tone for any team she is on

"...she is highly creative and strategic. Jenn is to this day, my favorite thought partner of all time. No matter how vague, how granular, or how difficult, she comes to the table with an open mind and a willingness to experiment in the space. Our program is infinitely better for her clarity, experimentation, and drive... She is a beacon of professionalism, and really sets the tone for any team she is on.

Autumn Huffman, M.A.


Let’s Work Together!

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